Presentation on Defending the research proposal (Thesis)Researcher: Temba GolaResearch Topic: The How to develop the best, effective and efficient system of payment of grants in South Africa

To ensure accessibility of payments of social grants to all potential and current beneficiaries

To look at the possible stakeholders, and their roles in ensuring best effective of management and payment of social grants system

To develop a long term strategy for the administration, and payment of social grants, whether for SASSA to take over the payment of social grants from third party or to consider public private – partnership approach. To ensure stability and assurance to the grant beneficiaries, its benefits to enhance and improve performance in the management, and payment of social grants in South Africa.

Sassa is currently using different payment methods, however challenges and gaps exist that need to be attended to and solved to ensure accessible payment of Social grant to all individuals.

The best effective and efficient method for social grant payment is what the study seeks to recommend.