17 Dec 2023

Speech for Mbilini Graduation PartyBy Dr Temba GolaDate: 17 Dec 2023


Let me greet everyone in the name of Jesus Christ, and I am happy to be here.

I feel honoured to be invited to be part of this celebration for this achievement and I would like to say to you well done and congratulations for your achievements. Welcome to the club and make us proud.

Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I would like to say to you education is the master key to open the locked doors to your future.

Ellen G White on the book Education describes education as follows, I quote “True education means more than the perusal of a certain course of study.

It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.”

This means education should transform how we should think and behave and that is the standard and expectation that people have when we claim to be educated. Education makes us to influence the environment that we operate either socially or in our professional space. If the world would understand this definition, we would not have this political and economic crisis that we have both in Africa and globally, we can make an impact in our small corners.

Graduation is meant ceremony has two categories,

1. The first category are for the parents who sit back and appreciate to see the fruits of their hard work to raise a child, invest resources and give moral support to the student during the student years.

2. I can image how proud your parents are today when they see you graduate after all what they have gone through to make this day possible.

3. Let’s thank the parents who made it possible for you to complete your studies not only with resources , but also with their prayers during your under grad studies , thumb up to them without them this day would not be possible .

4. The second category is the one who has achieved and acquire a qualification, I have a picture of the sacrifices, and sleepless nights that you had to endure during your student years and that pays off today, they say no pain no gain.

5. The third category are the group of people who are here to give you support and whom they regard you as their mentor.

Let me relate a story for you , I know a best friend of mine who worked a security officer for 10 years , and one day he decided to go and register for University   qualification , he graduated once, and twice whist he was still a security . He had no money to register but because of determination and hard work. He persevered with his studies and was offered bursary to complete his studies without paying a cent from his pocket.

He had to change a security uniform that he wore during the day and attend evening classes in the evening until he completed his studies.

He was offered a scholarship to study up to Master degree, today he has PHD in Social Science and he is standing in front of you as your guest speaker today.

I am relating this story not to brag, but to display that education is the master key to the locked doors that can improve one’s life.

You are now a professional and you are counted to be in the number of the South African professionals and you are joining at the crucial time when the country needs to redeem its self from the political vultures who destroyed our economy, natural resources and the wealthy of our country.

The future of this country will only be redeemed by South African professionals who need to utilise their skills to make a better life for the country and its people. This is putting more responsibilities to the country professionals who have high moral values and who will resist to be corrupted.

South Africa has produced many professionals and graduates, but half of those graduates are unemployed as we speak. This is a national crisis which is facing our country today which the governing party does not acknowledge.

The current situation is frustrating the young and unemployed graduates, and some of these graduates end up being involved in criminal activities because of being unemployed, and the skills which were learnt are actually misdirected instead of being used for Nation building.

When we look at the Sate capture report findings more than half of people who were instrumental are professionals whose careers were destroyed by corrupt politicians. They can never be employed again because they could not resist the temptation, that destroyed the country ‘economy and infrastructure.

You are joining the career during this crucial time where we need to restore the dignity of the professionals to build our nation.

I wish you good luck in your new career, I understand that you are concluding their articles, please don’t stop there, we need Advocates maintain highest moral values. Now that you are a graduate, you will now become a role model to a lot of young and old people who will look up to you, please make them proud, and when you make they proud, you make God proud.

God Bless you.